The NO-DES (Neutral Output Discharge Elimination System) flushing method is an easy, and cost-effective way to flush water system infrastructure. Rather than using the traditional and wasteful method of letting the water flow out of hydrants and running to waste, the NO-DES truck unit creates a temporary loop within the current system to filter and recirculate water back without wasting any clean water. Akel Engineering Group prepared comprehensive and easy to read field exhibits for a system with a population of over 500,000 people and more than 1,800 miles of water lines.

The exhibits were based on a thorough approach:

  • Determine the optimal position of the NO-DES truck unit that would connect two hydrants creating a temporary loop in the system.

  • Using ArcGIS, create a map book with Data Driven Pages to showcase the different truck positions per plat sheet.

  • Provide callouts that show which valves are to be opened or closed for the flushing sequence.

  • Created a dynamic table showing the total pipe length per sequence to be flushed.

The approach also takes into account major roadways or other areas that may not be crossed by the NO-DES flushing hoses. Akel Engineering Group goes to great lengths and takes pride in assisting you developing a plan to provide clean drinking water to your customers with little to no waste, and no detrimental impact to their daily lives.