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Akel Engineering Group, Inc is a specialty engineering firm providing consulting services in infrastructure modeling and master planning. Based in Fresno, California, we have proudly served clients in multiple states in the western United States, and continually strive to bring industry leading products and expertise to each of our projects. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and advise clients on efficiently managing, maintaining, and improving sustainable infrastructure systems to meet their existing and future needs.

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Domestic Water

Akel Engineering Group is an industry leader in water infrastructure modeling, planning, and in developing capital improvement programs. We provide technical expertise in supply reliability, urban water management planning, infrastructure planning, demand forecasting, and water quality modeling. Our proven tools, including industry leading hydraulic modeling software, allow us to effectively optimize water systems and prioritize improvements.


Akel Engineering Group provides a complete array of services for planning a wastewater system. Our projects include hydraulic modeling, master planning, flow projecting, and infiltration and inflow analysis. We have effectively served clients in the evaluation of rehabilitation and replacement programs, and provided customized, detailed analysis on the effectiveness at reducing infiltration and inflows.


Akel Engineering Group is a leader in Stormwater hydraulic modeling and master planning. We provide advanced customized hydraulic and hydrologic models using industry leading software, and our team has optimized Stormwater systems to meet up and coming water quality regulations, and has provided assistance in the recertification of levee systems.

Recycled Water

Akel Engineering Group provides modeling and master planning services for recycled water and non-potable water systems. Our customized analysis for the optimization of recycled water systems, including scheduling optimization to maximize pipeline capacity, have been pivotal in the planning of infrastructure improvements.


Akel Engineering Group is at the forefront of the industry in modeling and planning irrigation system improvements. We have served as an effective leader in infrastructure and financial planning of some of the largest irrigation systems in the world. Our customized approach to the optimization of improvements and irrigation scheduling have provided a useful tool in maximizing irrigation delivery, while also evaluating sustainable practices within the systems.

At Akel Engineering Group, we are committed to our core values: Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Teamwork, and Respect.

At Akel Engineering Group, we are committed to our core values: Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Teamwork, and Respect.

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