In the 2019 State of the Water Industry Report, published by AWWA, over 1,850 agencies responded to a survey ranking critical issues facing the water industry. The survey indicates the most critical issues facing our industry are: 1) Renewal and Replacement of aging water and wastewater infrastructure, 2) Financing for capital improvements, and 3) Long-term water supply availability. Renewal and replacement, and for the past 5 years, has consistently ranked as the most important challenge facing our water industry today.

Akel Engineering Group has been effectively assisting water utilities in developing Renewal and Replacement Plans that prioritize infrastructure needs, improve infrastructure reliability, properly finance renewal and replacement, justify R&R programs to ratepayers and oversight bodies, and maintain a desired level of service at the lowest cost.

Akel use state of the art software applications, including InfoAsset Planner by Innovyze Inc., to complete condition and risk analysis.

The R&R plans include:

  • Risk Framework

Akel establishing the risk framework, including the consequence of failure (CoF) categories and weights, and the likelihood or probability of failure (LoF/PoF) categories and weights.

  • Risk and Condition Assessment

Akel completes the risk and condition assessment using state of the art software to evaluate the risk scores of each asset, including its physical condition. In the case of wastewater pipelines, it includes reviewing the CCTV and associated Pipeline Assessment coding (PACP-NASSCO).

  • 5-Year Budget Expenditures

Akel works with utilities to identify intermediate-term 5-Year funding needs, as well as sustainable fiscal requirements