Infrastructure master plans are high-level planning documents used by public works management and engineering staff for the orderly planning, expansion, renewal, and replacement of the wet infrastructure.

Akel Engineering Group is an industry leader with over 70 years of consolidated staff Digital Water experience in the preparation of comprehensive and integrated infrastructure master plans for water and recycled water distribution, wastewater and stormwater collection, and irrigation delivery. The main elements of the master plans include:

1. Recommend projects to mitigate existing capacity deficiencies

2. Recommend projects to improve operations and public safety

3. Recommend projects to support General Plan expansions and redevelopments

4. Recommend projects for Renewal and Replacement based on risk assessment

5. Develop defensible and phased Capital Improvement Program (CIP), meeting the requirements of AB 1600.

6. Recommend 5-Year expenditure budget based on sustainable long-term funding


Our approach to each master plan is always uniquely customized to the project requirements and client team preferences. As part of providing our clients with comprehensive master planning services, and depending on project requirements, our team may include renowned national consulting firms and other specialty firms that we have been successfully collaborating with over the years. These specialty firms may address utility rates and capacity fees, water or wastewater treatment facility review and evaluations, sewer flow monitoring, field surveying, design, lift station condition assessment, and corrosion assessment.

Representative 2022 Projects:

  • Water System Master Plan – Pittsburg, CA
  • Sewer System Master Plan – South San Francisco, CA
  • Recycled Water System Master Plan – Coachella Valley Water District, CA
  • Storm Drain System Master Plan – Yakima, WA