GIS-Based hydraulic models are mathematical tools representing the dynamic operations of the system-wide water/wastewater facilities (pipes, pumps, storage tanks, wet wells, etc.). The hydraulic models are adjusted and calibrated to simulate reliable system behaviors during seasonal operations.

Akel Engineering Group is a leader in the development and calibration of dynamic water distribution, wastewater collection, recycled water distribution, and stormwater collection hydraulic models. These hydraulic models include InfoWaterPro, InfoSWMM, and InfoSewer by Innovyze and are fully compatible with the ESRI ArcGIS Environment. Other software include Flo-2D for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

We have successfully worked on large, medium, and small size systems throughout California, as well as in Washington state. We implement a systematic approach for the development of models, including:

  • GIS-based GAP analysis
  • Supplemental field survey verifications
  • Supplemental LiDAR verification
  • Sewer temporary flow monitoring programs
  • Water temporary data logger pressure monitoring programs
  • As-builts and Plat sheets verifications

The calibrated dynamic hydraulic models become the primary tools for effectively evaluating the capacity adequacy of existing systems, and for planning anticipated future growth.

Akel engineering Group has been completing various levels of hydraulic and hydrology models that range from comprehensive efforts required for master plans, to special studies focused on either operational issue of concerns or proposed new developments.

A pressure surge, also known as a transient event, occurs in the distribution during a rapid change in normal operations, including:

  • Booster pump or supply well sudden shut-down, or booster pump / supply well sudden restart
  • Valve closing or opening
  • Rapid opening of fire hydrants

These events may be the consequence of either power failure or equipment failure, or other operator errors. When they happen, these events may cause pipeline failures in the distribution system.

Akel Engineering Group work with distribution system operators and successfully track historical incidents and identifying if they were caused by a surge or other system condition.

We recommend realistic mitigation measures, including surge suppression devices, to improve system operations.